Smart Classroom Manager Secure: Smart-Ed for Futuristic Learning

Johan Bergqvist, Founder and Board Advisor, Smart Classroom Manager SecureJohan Bergqvist, Founder and Board Advisor It's early in the day, and teachers at one of Sweden's educational institutions are giving the conventional attendance call out drill a miss. As students troop into the classroom, they have already recorded their attendance at the door by scanning their palm on a smart biometric system. With one less manual task, the teacher uses this time to prepare for the pop-quiz of the day. But instead of the regular rustling of paper sheets, all students receive a unanimous notification on their devices. They take the quiz online, and in no time the teacher has the feedback of the quiz at hand. This allows her to gauge where her class stands and the problem areas that require focus.

Sounds like a leaf from a science fiction novel? But this is just a glimpse into the technological marvels that Sweden-based Smart Classroom Manager Secure (SCM Secure) is advancing into the education sector. Their vision? To breathe life into the digital classroom of the future by revolutionizing the way information is handled in school environments.

Today, technology can no longer be viewed as a learning enhancer, but it’s pretty much the lens through which the current generation experiences the world. As such, educational institutions that refuse to keep up with this technological upheaval are turning a blind eye to the digital reality of our times. In such a scenario, SCM Secure brings to the fore state-of-the-art cloud-based LMS system for Pre-K and best-in-class applications for K-12 and higher education. “Forward-thinking and innovative classrooms, that’s the goal of SCM Secure,” begins Johan Bergqvist, Founder and Board Advisor of the company.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why Bergqvist hits home with his venture is the fact that he had been an educator in the early half of his career. He started off as a teacher in a town called Skellefteå in Sweden, and as he began to make a name for himself, he was elected by the local government to put together teaching material for K12 education. At this point, Bergqvist worked with a multimedia college to execute the commission, but soon it became a national project. It was sanctioned by the Swedish government, sponsored by industry bigwigs like Volvo, Ericsson, and Microsoft and marketed by the largest publisher in Sweden. Thus, began his journey and today, Bergqvist, driven by his deep-seated passion and vast knowledge is a serial entrepreneur who has led several startups to success. He is the author of powerful narratives such as ‘Unicorn Strong,’ which provides readers with a framework for creating a successful unicorn and as well as ‘From Start to Smart, which provides the formula behind thriving startups and it’s correlation with one’s life, education, and health. Amidst all this, his brainchild SCM Secure is taking the global edtech industry by storm.

Information Sharing in a New Light

So how exactly is SCM Secure spurring this changeover through their technology? For starters, the company has a Smart PreSchool Suite, an all-in-one LMS solution specifically designed for Pre-K to cater to the needs of administrators, teachers, and legal guardians.


While other solution providers in the market offer one tool, we bring to the forefront up to 50 applications

Comprising several modules around attendance, planning and administration and more, the solution is truly a boon for schools.

For example, with the suite’s communication and documentation module, a teacher can easily follow up and tag the children's activities against the curriculum and through a web-based learning blog constantly add pictures or videos. This is accessible to custodians throughout the day, and they can also comment on the blog and stay-up-to-date about their child's progress. The module also doubles up as an easy tool and forum for communication and ensures that parents are always aware of all school and curriculum-related news, changes in meal plans, or other such essential information. Since the solution takes care of the tedious and run-of-the-mill tasks, this leaves both teachers and students with more time to engage in learning while enhancing the overall experience for custodians and administrators. Truly, with SCM Secure it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

When it comes to K-12 education, here too the options available are endless. The company offers a unique combination of applications such as SmartQuiz, SmartExam, SmartGrade, and SmartPaper that contribute to effective learning and a next-gen classroom atmosphere.

"Forward-thinking and innovative classrooms, that’s the goal of SCM Secure"

To elaborate on some of their solutions, through the SmartQuiz tool teachers can publish quizzes in a reliable, easy-to-use platform without ads, and all questions get saved in a public library. Students, on the other hand, have the opportunity to test their knowledge in a simple and fun way both individually and in groups. The application not only facilitates student-centred learning but also increases the quality of education and optimizes documentation while enabling teachers with a means to attain a quick overview of student performance.

Another cutting-edge tool which must be mentioned is the SmartPaper module, using which teachers can convert paper-based examinations into digital formats. After authenticating the student with the help of a biometric palm reader, an online version of their test is created. This significantly reduces the time taken by a teacher to correct papers and at the same time eliminates the need to lug around mounds of sheets or the possibility of lost papers.

Discussing further on their extensive solutions portfolio Bergqvist mentions, “While other solution providers in the market offer one tool, we bring to the forefront up to 50 applications that are integrable with Google and Microsoft platforms to serve the needs of the entire school system.” Very few solution providers today can match up to the scale and quality of the solutions that SCM Secure brings to the table positioning them at the leading edge.

Smart Classrooms of the Future

Bergqvist believes that the company’s biometric reader and authentication solution, which can be used both in combination with their LMS and the different applications for K12 and higher education will be one of their defining attributes going ahead.

As mentioned before, this cutting-edge biometric system can be used to seamlessly track attendance, ensure that only an authorized person can pick up and drop off children after verification, and avoid any possible mix-ups during digital submissions as students’ biometrics are scanned before a paper-based file is uploaded in digital format. This encryption-based identity authentication also takes security a notch further as palm recognition is highly difficult to forge as opposed to fingerprints. However, Bergqvist adds, “Security is not the sole benefit of our biometric solution, but it’s also an attempt to seamlessly automate time-consuming processes. In that sense, this solution is our ticket to a one-of-kind smart classroom, placing us a cut above other players in the market.”

The success graph of SCM Secure is only expected to climb higher as Bergqvist reveals that with the right backing the company is aiming to generate a turnover of at least 27 million SEK yearly by 2022 from only the Swedish market. “It is our vision to make our solutions available worldwide, but we have initially been focusing on the Swedish market. The plan is to first become a market leader in our home country and then pursue international expansion, starting with the Nordics, rest of Europe and eventually worldwide,” explains Bergqvist giving an overview of SCM Secure’s roadmap. To achieve this strategic feat, the company has several partnership programs lined up. With the prestigious Stockholm University Holdings as one of their investors, the company is also gearing to collaborate with behemoths such as Atea, Northern Europe's market leader in IT infrastructure. The collaboration with Atea is supported by an agreement with AppXite—one of the largest cloud service distributors for the educational market wholly owned by Atea—for global distribution of the services. Simultaneously, on the drawing board are ongoing discussions with other major resellers in the educational sector, both nationally and internationally.

In the coming months, SCM Secure is all set for an upswing as they prepare to release upgraded versions of their applications that are part of their school suite in September and then January 2020. The focus of Bergqvist and his team will also be directed at the price point of these applications, making it more feasible so that a larger slice of the market is able to afford them. This move is in anticipation of not only extending their global footing but democratizing the education system and bringing the power of superior technology to school systems across the board. Part of their growth strategy will also encompass improving the support and sales side of the organization, in order to stay strong in the face of such extensive expansions.

Today, the global edtech segment is shattering all records as research indicates that the worldwide market is expected to touch $252 billion by 2020. With such vast opportunities on the anvil, SCM Secure's near-term goal is fairly simple. “It's either the number one spot or nothing,” ends Bergqvist with conviction.

- Tina Rosen
    August 07, 2019