WriteReader: Transforming Lives by Changing Writing

Babar Baig, CEO & Co-Founder, WriteReaderBabar Baig, CEO & Co-Founder
At a time when kids are increasingly losing interest in reading books and tending to become more gadget-oriented, a startup named WriteReader has taken a wonderful initiative of letting the kids learn the way they want to. By allowing kids to use gadgets and creating a platform for them, WriteReader is facilitating students to become authors and readers of their digital books, and learn a language in the process. The WriteReader application—a SaaS white label solution— is enabling kids to compare their writings with that of their parents and teachers and edit their writing samples before they get published. From schools to libraries, a large number of intuitions are opting for this digital literacy solution. This blend of traditional and modern teaching and learning processes is turning out to be extremely beneficial for intermediate kids, between 3 and 10 years of age.

Co-founded in 2012 by Babar Baig—the CEO of the organisation and has over 12 years of startup experience— WriteReader had published the first version of its iPad application of the same name in 2013. After several years of development in the application, today it is available in over 40 countries, in several localised languages. Till date, a total number of over one million books have been created on WriteReader. The white label solution has further boosted this adoption across institutions that wanted to engage better with kids and their families. It enables third-party organisations to set up their unique branded platform and book printing, have a customised image bank, and fully localise in any language. Also, the users do not need to worry about the maintenance of the application, and the solution includes analytics setup and user data reporting for a seamless use of the application by a third-party.

Among many clients who significantly benefitted by using WriteReader’s white label solution, the experience of Gyldendal Education, one of the largest educational publisher in Denmark, is worth mentioning. With more number of schools deploying computers and tablets in their educational process, the bend towards the adoption of digital learning activities was at a rise. This was both a threat and an opportunity for Gyldendal Education, and they started to consider adding value to its paper-based, primary education curriculum. By leveraging WriteReader’s solution, Gyldendal Education rolled out “Skriv og læs” (Write and Read), an early-childhood literacy offering. They made it available as an add-on and also a stand-alone product. Currently, over 50 percent of schools in Denmark use Write and Read, which has significantly increased the student engagement level and academic outcome in the country. For Gyldendal, WriteReader’s solution happened to be an easier, quicker, and cost-effective method of retaining customers and increasing revenue by bringing digital experience in the market.

Baig and his team at WriteReader are geared to break the monotony of the century-old learning and teaching process, and motivate today’s kids to transform writing into a rewarding experience

In an attempt to help kids learn the way they want to, WriteReader came up with this application and solution that comprises the story-telling method of learning. Using WriteReader’s solution, different educational institutions are also helping the kids learn with fun. On these platforms, kids can carry out fun activities like setting a cartoon character of their choice as the profile picture, recording their voice notes for reference, and more. The kids can also share their digital books with family and friends. Reports from researches conducted by different organisations indicate that kids have shown significant improvement in their language learning after participating in WriteReader’s digital learning process. Baig and his team at WriteReader are geared to break the monotony of the century-old learning and teaching process, and motivate today’s kids to transform writing into a rewarding experience.