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Top 10 Edtech Startups in Europe - 2019

Among the many utilities and conveniences that technological innovations impart to mankind, one specific industry with an array of possible applications faces the most stigmas: education. The world today revolves almost exclusively on the millennial’s infatuation with the next, most cutting-edge digital marvel. Companies in their respective marketplaces are witnessing a highest level of competition than ever previously recorded, yet education technology seems to lack the necessary gusto that parents understandably seek, their children’s future quite literally hangs in the balance.

For this reason, to combat all the nuances of the stigmas that education technology faces in Europe, a slew of well-adept organizations have come into the spotlight, featuring and boasting the best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT, and cloud-based applications to help students learn better. Alongside these innovations, with the advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), an institution can transform a classroom from the conventional chalk and blackboard to the revamped smartboards. Having been in the market for over 30 years, the digital whiteboards are highly interactive, engaging, and gamified to ensure every individual in the room is either learning or presenting projects together. With regard to AI applications, organizations leverage proprietary ML algorithms that conduct extensive analyses of teachers’ techniques—in order to recreate the same—and students’ study patterns to create learning modules that help both parties achieve the same goal more effectively.

Leveraging AR/VR innovations, education technology organizations empower parents to convert their living room into an interactive classroom that helps student indulge in realistic and interesting learning games, stories, tests, and puzzles as well. Additionally, via AI’s deep learning and cognitive functions, a user’s preferences and interests are recorded to help generate more user-centric scenarios and games to keep them engaged and improve the overall learning experience.

With the continuous adoption of such technologies in education, the industry is set to witness a new culture and norm for how teaching and learning is perceived in the days to come. In today’s digital ecosystem, therefore, it has become critical for CIOs to choose proper technology and select best vendors that are at the forefront of efficiently tackling the challenges across the chemical tech realm. To help CIOs negotiate this burgeoning landscape, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts along with Education Technology Insights editorial board have reviewed the most promising education technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones spearheading the charge towards fulfilling the urgent demands of the industry. The listing offers a look at how these solutions are put to use, thereby enabling business leaders to gain a comprehensive knowledge as to how they can strategize growth.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 EdTech Startups in Europe – 2019.”

    Top Edtech Startups in Europe

  • To ensure the teaching is engaging and compelling, Labster offers the students a true-to-life lab experience at a cost much lesser than the real lab. The teacher is giving the power to supplement the lesson with virtual labs to prepare students for the wet lab. The 3D virtual lab enables the students to explore the world of science and learn in-depth concepts. The Virtual labs are not constrained by the time and cost restraints of an ordinary lab, as students are allowed to operate and experiment with cutting-edge lab equipment in a safe learning environment

  • Helsinki-based EdTech startup School Day offers an AI-enabled mobile app to equilibrate academic learning and emotional wellbeing. Team School Day helps schools to build a positive school culture with a primary focus on wellbeing. To that end, their approach relies entirely on real-time research data. The School Day app collects massive amounts of student data utilizing questions based on long-term school wellbeing research that comprehensively cover different aspects of ‘holistic wellbeing’ as well. The AI analyzes and interprets the collected data for early and precise identification of any wellbeing concerns. To create awareness on the status of students, the School Day app presents timely analytics concerning wellbeing to school leaders, teachers, and parents. Real-time data allow school leaders and staff to make decisions based on facts instead of a gut feeling

  • SCM Secure brings to the fore state-of-the-art cloud-based LMS system for Pre-K and best-in-class applications for K-12 and higher education. The company offers a Smart PreSchool Suite, which is an all-in-one LMS solution specifically designed for Pre-K to cater to the needs of administrators, teachers, and legal guardians. Comprising several modules around attendance, planning and administration and more, the solution is truly a boon for schools. Forward-thinking, innovative, and digital classrooms, that’s the goal of SCM Secure

  • WriteReader is a scientifically-based learning platform that helps children in kindergarten, primary school and at home to learn and read by writing their digital books. WriteReader uses the latest research in literacy education and has been developed by leading scientists in the Nordics. The platform has been widely acknowledged by teachers for its efficacy and ease of use. Likewise, its services have also been recognized by organizations like the Danish Ministry of Education, Intel Education and Common Sense Media for its potential to develop early childhood literacy

  • CleverBooks


    CleverBooks is a STEAM Augmented Reality provider for education who believes in empowering kids learning in the acquisition of necessary for the 21st-century skills by utilizing the most innovative AR technology tools. CleverBooks is bridging the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants. The company helps change the way the educational content is delivered and the way the education is personalized by seeing, doing, using imagination, enabling students and teachers to merge the realities right in the classroom or at home. CleverBooks delivers the most innovative educative products based on Augmented Reality technology and traditional education aids for kids around the world

  • Learn&Go


    Digital Learning being the top priority, Learn&Go has developed an innovative technology which focuses on a unique handwriting learning process. The company’s unique application automatically analyzes the form of the words, the direction, the order, and the stylus pressure to determine the progress of the student. Learn&Go’s application is viable for students from pre-school to university, allowing for better interaction between the teachers and students with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. With constant training of the model and knowledge assimilation from each class, the application contributes much more than digital devices to enrich the classroom environment

  • Proctorio


    The state-of-art integrity platform provider Proctorio is dedicated to extensively enhance the human potential by lifting the individual achievements. Being the World’s first learning integrity platform, Proctorio is protecting the academic integrity in varieties of learning environments. Proctoreio’s Larning Integrity Platform functions and is compatible with all learning management systems and can custom fit to execute tasks on any test delivery platform. The goal of Proctorio is to diligently fulfill the company’s part in maximizing the availability of quality education and enhanced learning to all the students around the globe

  • Qridi


    Qridi is a formative evaluation and learning analytics software program for comprehensive schools. Qridi makes illustrations related to the learning process based on data collected from a variety of evaluations. The evaluations can be either the learner’s self-evaluations or evaluations of the learner made by others. The main focus of the evaluations is in the learner’s self-reflection. Evaluations can focus, for instance, on working skills, extensive expertise skills, attitude, values or behaviour. Qridi helps implement good evaluation practices in the daily lives of schools. Qridi assists in forming a new culture of evaluation and enables learners to develop themselves to become better learners and people. In addition to comprehensive schools, Qridi is also used by sports teams and adult students

  • Sana Labs

    Sana Labs

    Sana Labs delivers quantifiable value to education companies all over the world. By using our products, customers increase revenues and improve learning outcomes. Sana Learn personalizes educational content based on what students know, how they learn best, and how they forget. Recommending each student’s unique and optimal path through a course, helping every student learn faster and stay engaged. Sana Insights provides teachers with actionable insights around how their students learn and where they’re falling behind. Teachers can understand how to help at a glance and act on it with a single tap

  • Teach n Go

    Teach n Go

    It provides school management application for language schools, music schools, and training centres. Its dashboard automates and centralizes an educator’s workflow by combining course management, scheduling, online teaching, group messaging, and payment tracking. It help educators spend less time doing routine tasks and more time teaching. On top of that, our user support is nothing less than phenomenal. We are there for you so that you can focus on what you do best; changing the world one student at a time