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Top 10 EdTech Startups in Europe - 2020

Following the COVID-19 pandemic situation, there has been a record-breaking amount of investments into the digital education market, and this is slated to double in value by 2025. With schools and universities closed to reduce the spread of the virus, educators accelerated the move to online learning, and startups began offering an array of digital solutions.

Technological advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT will continue to disrupt education with their innovations. The application of big data analytics in Edtech will be instrumental for personalized learning, determining interventions and to understand what tools or solutions are effective. Edtech startups today are leveraging extended reality, which is a mix of virtual, augmented and mixed realities to offer learning solutions that increase the rate of student engagement.

As education becomes increasingly mobile and online, startups are trying to offer solutions that enhance the student experience by implementing mobile technology. Chatbots will be key in making the learning process more engaging and relieving educators off their workload. They will also play an active role in delivering lectures via conversational messages and engage students in learning with a communication tool of their comfort.

With innovative Edtech startups, classrooms are no longer confined to the four walls of a building. Edtech is enabling educators to leverage the most effective and engaging learning practices using gamification and immersive learning. To help educators collaborate with the best solutions, this edition of Education Technology Insights features some of the renowned Edtech startups that are revolutionizing learning and education with their offerings.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’, “Top 10 EDTech Startups in Europe-2020.”

    Top EdTech Startups in Europe

  • Blendit Learning is a Fuse reseller and implementation partner in the Nordic region on a mission to help companies in the region thrive through continuous digital learning, data, communication, and knowledge sharing.The intent is to build among employees a vibrant learning culture where they support each other, which results in improved business performance. At the core, Blendit Learning aids in keeping the employees committed to continuous improvement through regular training. To keep up the learning momentum, the company enables clients’ HR and management teams to develop personalized content and measure their progress through predefined KPIs. BlenditLearning’s full package of service includes consulting, workshops, and Fuse implementations

  • Classter’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution brings student information system (SIS), school management system (SMS), and learning management system (LMS) under one roof. Classter is revolutionising the EdTech space with its cloud-based, cost-effective, and end-to-end student and learning management system. At the core of Classter’s holistic approach is its seven versatile modules that make the management of people, operations, and data intuitive. And over the years, Classter has grown to become a pioneer in the sector, with more than 500 educational institutions in more than 25 countries adopting Classter in different educational stages

  • An AI-based learning platform designed based on learning analytics research that analyzes classroom teaching to churn out insights pertaining to learners' needs, teaching methodology and the effect of teaching. In addition to its analytical capability, the platform is also adept at automating teachers' administrative tasks so that they can focus entirely on their core job

  • Knowingo ensures an engrossing learning experience through its platform suchthat the client’s employees not only learn effectively but also retain their knowledge. As a result, employees can acquire relevant information from the comfort of their own home and at a pace suitable for them.Highlighting Knowingo’s prowess in providing interactive and practical learning is its collaboration with a German hospitality group. The client, due to the impact of COVID-19, wanted to ensure that their employees were wellinformed about the pandemic and the necessary measures to mitigate the risk of transmission virus were taken

  • Mussila has introduced an award-winning app with hours of musical lessons, challenges, and games, carefully crafted by musical experts and educators, and designed to provide a playful experience. The Mussila solution overcomes traditional and non-theory “learning by doing” methods by including music theory content from an early age while tackling the lack of motivation to apply the gaming method to theory teaching. The solution has been translated into 32 languages. It is a perfect supplementary material for teachers to use in and out of the classroom, and great for parents whose kids are homeschooled. It fits any curriculum and can be used online and offline, so it is available anytime, anywhere

  • OfCourseMe comes into the picture when organizations create new business plans that include changes in corporate values. For instance, if an automotive company selling cars wants to provide services related to cars, then they need to reskill and upskill their employees to sell and provide a completely different package, which can be an overwhelming task. OfCourseMe acts as the ideal outsourcing partner for such companies by providing mobile-friendly technology (suitable for current times of COVID-19) as well as a vast array of content

  • As SUMADITM is a multi-language and multi-institutional app, it allows non-native English speaking nations to access and use the application without any hassle. What makes SUMADITM second to none is its ability to send information, process them, and generate reports in real-time, allowing educational institutions to gain practical and immediate results. The company has also integrated their app with mobile devices that empowers administrators to monitor any unauthorized use of smartphones proactively and for a comprehensive room scan to deliver true test environment security

  • WebClip2Go, an offshoot of Burst Video, offers superior video production tools that aim to revolutionise the way in which content is created, drive down the cost of creation, and make professional-level video production more accessible to all. The WebClip2Go system embraces a unique approach to producing presenter-based video content and enables a teacher to record highly professional videos without any specialised equipment. By setting up PowerPoint to act as the video script editor, users can seamlessly create a video script without changing anything to the daily PPT use. WebClip2Go integrates all video production gears into a single software application, allowing the presenter to walk into the studio, begin with the session by answering a few simple questions in the wizard and start recording

  • Avail


    Launched in 2017, avail® was researched and developed from a desire to both raise public expectations and empower individuals to achieve their goals. From our academic and professional backgrounds, we questioned how we could revolutionize how we support individuals, to equip them with the tools to self-manage their day and have ownership. The advances in technology can now support such an approach. In addition, we wanted to support organizations to be in line with best practice guidelines, implement evidence-based programmes which report and achieve data-driven outcomes

  • Eduflow


    The company is increasing learner engagement & knowledge retention in higher education and corporate training settings