Wittario: Trailblazer for Outdoor Game-based Learning

Top 10 EdTech Startups in Europe - 2021

In this digital age, online education is becoming the new normal. Increased efficiency, better action plans, greater responsiveness to learners’ requirements, and faster reaction times are all benefits of online education. The transformation of a traditional classroom setup into digital classes has acted as an imperative for the Edtech companies to develop or use innovative tools and e-learning platforms. E-Learning platforms enable students to learn at their own pace and in their own surroundings, resulting in a more efficient and adaptable learning environment. Teachers can also use digital technologies to make learning more immersive, engaging, and collaborative.

By enabling immersive learning experiences, extended reality technologies such as AR and VR have changed the education business. Augmented reality is mostly used to combine digital data with data from the physical environment. It also allows users to interact with virtual items while concurrently viewing the physical world. Similarly, use of Robotic process automation reduces repetitive tasks and tedious heavy paperwork with zero error rates and more efficiency. The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) from blockchain also offers a slew of advantages to education, particularly in terms of data storage. Because each new piece of data adds another “block” to the system, the storage capacity is theoretically endless. The data will be encrypted and dispersed across various machines in the system at the same time. It makes transacting data decentralized and transparent.

To help EdTech Startups select the best-of-breed EdTech solutions, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, analyst, and the Education Technology Insights Europe’s editorial board has reviewed and selected the Top 10 EdTech Startups in Europe 2021in the educational industry. In our selection process, we have evaluated a vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well cost-effective EdTech solutions and services.

Here, we present you Education Technology Insights Europe’s “Top 10 EdTech Startups in Europe - 2021”.

    Top EdTech Startups in Europe

  • Wittario is an innovative edtech solution provider offering an activity- and game based learning solution. The company has developed an eponymous game-based mobile application that combines real and virtual elements to make it possible for educators to create fun and compelling learning experiences for students. This mishmash of learning and gaming allows the teachers to easily and quickly create interesting and meaningful assignments for their students. The educators can even divide their class of students into groups for facilitating fun-packed group assignments if they want to induce more collaboration among the students.


  • Skill-Up Technologies

    Skill-Up Technologies

    Skill-Up Technologies offers the educational resources, strategies and solutions to clients needed to prepare their organization for growth over the next decade. The company creates fully customized and cloud-based educational curriculums, including lesson planning, content, deployment, and analytics. Its blended learning approach has been tested and proven to drive the type of deeply transformative learning experiences clients will need to keep your business moving forward

  • Cikumas


    Cikumas is a state of the art; web-based learning management system that integrates technology into the every day classroom. It is free of charge and is accessible wherever there is an Internet connection. A young start up founded by two IB students that has one simple goal - to enhance the students’ learning experience by providing educators with the best tools possible

  • Digifom


    Digifom GmbH develops interactive e-learning formats for companies. The company helps its customers to train their employees more effectively and efficiently. Digifom changes the training by combining e-learning with onboarding. Digifom attaches great importance to sustainability and visible results

  • EdAider


    A devoted team of researchers and developers that are committed to empowering education with innovative educational technology that is based on cutting edge research on Learning Analytics and AI for education. The company's AI-powered solutions support students, teachers, and schools to work in a data-driven manner and create the conditions necessary to adapt learning and teaching to all student’s needs across learning contexts

  • Leeruniek


    Leeruniek is a central dashboard that provides up-to-date insights, always and everywhere, into the developments on school-, grade-, group and pupil level. It allows clients to tailor the educational offer, in a timely and targeted manner, to everyone's needs. So that the clients will not be faced with surprises and save time and work. Furthermore, by looking ahead based on forecasts, they can focus and set priorities

  • Qridi


    Qridi is a professional Finnish company that offers pedagogical training and digital solutions for learning. Qridi’s award-winning digital learning platform is used extensively in schools and sports clubs as well as in businesses and other organisations. Qridi for Education is a disruptive pedagogical tool that has the power to transform learning from passive to active and to build student agency and ownership. Qridi helps students to see learning as something they own, build and cherish

  • School Day

    School Day

    School Day, founded in 2017, is a Helsinki-based start-up specialized in EdTech. School Day helps schools and districts to better understand how their students are feeling. School Day provides analytics and insights that deliver whole-school improvements in students' wellbeing, SEL skills, and learning outcomes

  • Skriware


    Skriware is a startup focusing on educational technology solutions. The company has developed a fully integrated ecosystem consisting of easy-to-use 3D printers, a STEAM education platform, modular robots'​ building system and a set of online tools allowing users to take a full advantage of 3D printing learning potential

  • Very Up

    Very Up

    Very Up develops one-of-a-kind, engaging, and interconnected training experiences. Every business initiative includes a learning component. Training is available in a variety of settings, including online, in the classroom, on the road, and at the workplace. It was created as an event to allow consumers to have a wonderful time. It transforms a business when seen as a process. Very Up creates tailored learning experiences with people who have the vital know-how to translate a client's training into strong transformational levers