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Top 5 EdTech Startups in UK - 2021

Almost every industry has seen massive alterations in recent years as a result of technological advancements and cheap access to internet services, and education is no different. Education technology, or ed-tech, has brought about a significant change in how education is effectively provided by institutions across the UK, in terms of how far, how deep, and how successfully knowledge is transferred to students. When one discusses education and technology, the exciting new trends are all centred on enhancing the learning environment with digital technologies. However, there are other innovative ways in which educators are implementing technology. Learning management systems (LMS) and Training Management Systems may have been around for several years now, but they still have untapped potential.

Incidentally, the UK has the largest EdTech sector in Europe, with unrivalled expertise in many areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented/virtual/mixed reality, and online education – and as a result, it has become a global hotspot for thought leaders. And while the previous year proved extremely challenging to both teachers and students--who were forced to leave their classrooms and start learning over online platforms--startups in the UK EdTech startup space were always ready to guide them through the tumultuous journey.

To help EdTech Startups select the best-of-breed EdTech solutions, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, analysts, and the Education Technology Insights Europe’s editorial board has reviewed and selected the Top 5 EdTech Startups in UK 2021 in the educational industry. In our selection process, we have evaluated a vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well as cost-effective EdTech solutions and services.

Here, we present to you Education Technology Insights Europe’s “Top 5 EdTech Startups in UK -2021”.

    Top EdTech Startups in UK

  • Enroly is a technology company based in the UK that combines automation with a self-service approach to international student enrolment. Their CAS platform, products, and network utilize the most cutting-edge cloud-based efficiencies to enable all employees to work in unison to increase student numbers, raise standards, and mitigate risk in visa compliance. The company's development team consists of secure infrastructure veterans, user interface specialists and a dedicated AI and machine learning unit. The firm believes that safe, transparent and high quality support should be available for all international students .


  • Smartistic is a technology company committed to revolutionizing education by providing technology-backed solutions that simplify learning. Smartistic equips students to move away from traditional education to online and more interactive learning. A pioneer of a spectrum of high technology learning products and platforms, Smartistic simplifies the use of technological devices to reach out to students and Self Instruction Lab (SIL) based learning. The company provides a complete package of smart solutions for online learning. At its core, Smartistic aims to make education more meaningful and fun by integrating with technology to provide a seamless opportunity to learners to interact and collaborate with peers to improve their mastery.


  • Busuu


    Busuu’s vision is to inspire the world to learn together. Busuu is the world’s largest online community for language learning, with more than 100 million users. Through courses powered by AI and interactions with native speakers, its platform offers the best way to learn a language. Busuu’s award-winning platform is also used by hundreds of companies and institutions around the world

  • Nursery Story

    Nursery Story

    The nursery management system from Nursery Story was created with the customer in mind. Nursery Story recognises the value of communication with parents as well as the obligations that nursery workers and management confront. As a result, this programme was created to improve parent connectedness with their kid when they are not in their care and to make the position of responsible nursery instructor more relaxed

  • Robocube


    Robocube provides the tech tools its clients need to engage learners in programming and STEM at home or in the classroom—whether students just beginning their coding journey or looking to be challenged with advanced programming opportunities. The company's wide range of award-winning educational coding robot toys & STEM kits for educators, coders, makers, creators, artists, problem solvers, and curious-minded people is trusted by parents and educators around the world